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by Josep Puigdemont
16 years, 12 months
how do the stat get "essential"?
by Hasbullah Bin Pit
16 years, 12 months
Some questions...
by Metin Amiroff
16 years, 12 months
Fedora translation status pages live
by Bernd Groh
17 years
up2date translation
by Vladimir Lazarenko
17 years
cvs access problem
by Maxim V. Dziumanenko
17 years
Simple script to get translations for one language
by Volodymyr M. Lisivka
17 years
Tamil essentials: 90%
by Hariraam Aathreya
17 years
Fedora IIIMF test report
by Dong Hu
17 years
[Fwd: Hungarian support]
by Sarah Wang
17 years
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