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Outdated .POs
by Igor Pires Soares
15 years, 12 months
Relnotes appearing at
by Dimitris Glezos
16 years
how can I translate the modules "summary" and/or "desc"
by Michael Schönitzer
16 years
RE : Unable to use CVS account
by Roy Jamison
16 years
Self-introduction : Lucien Hantute
by lucien Hantute
16 years
a summary string
by Domingo Becker
16 years
Q: Docs Translation statictics
by Hyuugabaru
16 years
Newbie with gtranslator
by "Guillermo Gómez S."
16 years
is there a simple way to get the po files for Tigrinya [ti]
by ibrahim mahfuz
16 years, 1 month
POT file for system-config-rootpassword is not updated!
by Xavi Conde
16 years, 1 month
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