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[sssd PR#496][edited] sysdb: sanitize search filter input - backport sssd-1-13
by fidencio
2 hours, 29 minutes
[sssd PR#497][opened] sysdb: sanitize search filter input
by sumit-bose
2 hours, 30 minutes
[sssd PR#483][opened] Password change with two factor authentication
by sumit-bose
4 hours, 6 minutes
[sssd PR#464][opened] SYSDB: Properly handle name/gid override when using domain resolution order
by fidencio
4 hours, 23 minutes
[sssd PR#472][opened] Remove the 'sshPublicKey' attribute from the cache when it's removed from IPA
by fidencio
4 hours, 26 minutes
[sssd PR#475][opened] LDAP: Only add a sdap_domain instance for the current domain when instantiating a new ad_id_ctx
by jhrozek
4 hours, 50 minutes
[sssd PR#499][opened] dyndns_tests: Fix unit test with missing features in nsupdate
by lslebodn
7 hours, 41 minutes
[sssd PR#410][opened] IPA: sanitize name in override search filter
by lslebodn
8 hours, 51 minutes
Fleet Commander: design changes due to the drop of DAC_OVERRIDE capability
by Fabiano Fidêncio
9 hours, 59 minutes
[sssd PR#498][opened] DESKPROFILE: Do not require CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE
by fidencio
11 hours, 6 minutes
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