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[sssd PR#291][opened] BUILD: Improve error messages for optional dependencies
by lslebodn
11 minutes
[sssd PR#226][opened] Config check regex
by mzidek-rh
1 hour, 23 minutes
[sssd PR#225][opened] SECRETS: Apply separate quotas for cn=secrets and cn=kcm
by jhrozek
4 hours, 17 minutes
[sssd PR#268][opened] pam_sss: add support for SSS_PAM_CERT_INFO_WITH_HINT
by sumit-bose
6 hours, 14 minutes
[sssd PR#289][opened] Check the timestamp cache during the users/groups cleanup
by fidencio
21 hours
[sssd PR#267][opened] IFP: Resolve group names from GIDs if required
by jhrozek
21 hours, 49 minutes
[sssd PR#290][opened] SECRETS: Fix warning Wpointer-bool-conversion
by lslebodn
1 day, 1 hour
[sssd PR#288][opened] Fix several pep8 issues in the integration tests.
by jhrozek
1 day, 1 hour
[sssd PR#287][opened] SSSDConfig: Handle integer parsing more leniently
by lslebodn
1 day, 2 hours
[sssd PR#269][opened] Add support for ActiveDirectory's logonHours restrictions
by NWilson
1 day, 5 hours
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