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[sssd PR#5439][opened] Tests: alltests: "ldap_library_debug_level" option to domain section
by madhuriupadhye
10 hours, 3 minutes
[sssd PR#5413][opened] KCM: Increase client idle timeout to 5 minutes
by aborah-sudo
13 hours, 5 minutes
[sssd PR#5428][opened] TESTS:sssd-kcm does not store TGT with ssh login using GSSAPI
by aborah-sudo
13 hours, 5 minutes
[sssd PR#5435][opened] whitespace_test: fix exclusion of debian directory
by deastoe
2 days, 7 hours
[sssd PR#5365][opened] Translations update from Weblate
by weblate
3 days, 8 hours
[sssd PR#5434][opened] Adding multihost tests for ad_allow_remote_domain_local_groups, bz1883488 bz1756240
by sidecontrol
4 days, 3 hours
[sssd PR#5433][opened] Only start sssd.service if there's a configuration file present
by sergiodj
4 days, 9 hours
[sssd PR#5407][opened] kcm: check socket path loaded from configuration
by ikerexxe
4 days, 13 hours
[sssd PR#5440][opened] Modify ipa client install for fedora
by sgoveas
4 days, 14 hours
[sssd PR#5442][opened] Adding multihost test for supporting asymmetric nsupdate auth
by sidecontrol
1 week
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