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[sssd PR#851][opened] Update
by alexal
6 hours, 2 minutes
[sssd PR#457][opened] ipa: Removal of umask(0) in selinux_child
by amitkumar50
11 hours, 4 minutes
[sssd PR#807][opened] sudo: do not update last usn value on rules refresh
by pbrezina
11 hours, 12 minutes
[sssd PR#832][opened] SPECFILE: Add 'make' as build dependency
by mzidek-rh
11 hours, 15 minutes
[sssd PR#836][opened] sss_obfuscate fails to rewriting comments
by arielb2
1 day, 6 hours
[sssd PR#845][opened] MAN: Document that PAM stack contains the systemd-user service in the account phase in RHEL-8
by jhrozek
2 days, 1 hour
[sssd PR#820][opened] ad: delete domains disabled through ad_enabled_domains from cache
by pbrezina
4 days, 6 hours
[sssd PR#821][opened] SERVER: Receving SIGSEGV process on shutdown
by thalman
5 days, 9 hours
[sssd PR#824][opened] CONFDB: Files domain if activated without .conf
by thalman
6 days, 14 hours
[sssd PR#837][opened] p11_child: make OCSP digest configurable
by sumit-bose
1 week, 6 days
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