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[sssd PR#175][opened] Add module for starting services
by lslebodn
3 months, 2 weeks
[sssd PR#943][opened] files_ops: Fix cached password remove
by elkoniu
3 months, 2 weeks
[sssd PR#269][opened] Add support for ActiveDirectory's logonHours restrictions
by NWilson
4 months, 2 weeks
[sssd PR#837][opened] p11_child: make OCSP digest configurable
by sumit-bose
5 months
[sssd PR#578][opened] proxy: proxy_child hardening
by amitkumar50
5 months, 1 week
[sssd PR#844][opened] sssd-ad and gpo_child: GPO apply fixes during reading fails
by mastersin
6 months
[sssd PR#5171][opened] files: allow root membership
by pbrezina
7 months, 1 week
[sssd PR#5202][opened] systemtap: Missing a comma
by avisiedo
7 months, 1 week
[sssd PR#5195][+Ready to push] DEBUG: use new exec_child(_ex) interface in tests
by pbrezina
7 months, 1 week
[PATCHES] Do not use letter similar to numbers in python code
by Lukas Slebodnik
7 months, 2 weeks
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