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[sssd PR#883][opened] Minor fixes to util/sss_krb5
by alexey-tikhonov
1 hour, 25 minutes
[sssd PR#851][opened] Update
by alexal
22 hours, 49 minutes
[sssd PR#858][opened] ldap: do not store empty attribute with ldap_rfc2307_fallback_to_local_users = true
by pbrezina
1 day, 2 hours
[sssd PR#864][opened] Monitor resolv.conf symlink
by scabrero
1 day, 2 hours
[sssd PR#841][opened] DEBUG: Add debug to display ldapsearch requests
by thalman
1 day, 8 hours
[sssd PR#844][opened] sssd-ad and gpo_child: GPO apply fixes during reading fails
by mastersin
2 days, 6 hours
[sssd PR#578][opened] proxy: proxy_child hardening
by amitkumar50
3 days, 5 hours
[sssd PR#860][opened] Prepare for multiple enumeration providers
by scabrero
3 days, 6 hours
[sssd PR#877][opened] SYSDB: Delete linked local user overrides when deleting a user
by scabrero
3 days, 6 hours
[sssd PR#889][opened] Improves `sssd_nss` debug (#4080)
by alexey-tikhonov
3 days, 6 hours
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