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[sssd PR#619][opened] Desktop Profile: The 10th policy is producing a wrong file name
by fidencio
3 hours, 22 minutes
[sssd PR#614][opened] nss_protocol_fill_initgr: skip incomplete groups instead of bailing out
by asheplyakov
16 hours, 47 minutes
[sssd PR#522][opened] Prepare SSSD to support IPA in trust to Samba AD
by abbra
16 hours, 55 minutes
[sssd PR#616][opened] become_user: add supplementary groups so ad provider can access keytab
by asheplyakov
2 days, 17 hours
[sssd PR#618][opened] Add an option to only print the host keys for sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy
by fidencio
3 days, 19 hours
[sssd PR#617][opened] deskprofile: don't bail if we fail to save one profile
by fidencio
4 days, 4 hours
[sssd PR#615][opened] SDAP: Improve a confusing DEBUG message when initgroups search matches multiple entries
by jhrozek
4 days, 4 hours
[sssd PR#578][opened] proxy: proxy_child hardening
by amitkumar50
5 days, 1 hour
Problems renewing machine account password in AD
by Gordon Messmer
5 days, 3 hours
[sssd PR#612][opened] crypto: Silence a Coverity warning in sss_hmac_sha1()
by jhrozek
5 days, 4 hours
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