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[sssd PR#319][opened] sudo: add a threshold option to reduce size of rules refresh filter
by pbrezina
1 hour, 55 minutes
[sssd PR#350][opened] intg: Increase startup timeouts for kcm and secrets
by lslebodn
2 hours, 2 minutes
[sssd PR#241][opened] FleetCommander Integration
by fidencio
10 hours, 32 minutes
[sssd PR#342][opened] SELINUX: Use getseuserbyname to get IPA seuser
by justin-stephenson
21 hours, 23 minutes
[sssd PR#139][opened] Initial revision of sssd pytest framework
by fidencio
1 day, 2 hours
[sssd PR#349][opened] SPEC: require http-parser only on rhel7.4
by lslebodn
1 day, 16 hours
[sssd PR#347][opened] Fixes related to negative cache and "root" user/group
by fidencio
1 day, 21 hours
[sssd PR#348][opened] IPA: Only generate kdcinfo files on clients
by jhrozek
3 days
[sssd PR#214][opened] UTIL: Set udp_preference_limit=0 in krb5 snippet
by celestian
3 days, 17 hours
[sssd PR#346][opened] intg: Disable add_remove tests
by lslebodn
3 days, 19 hours
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