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[PATCHES] PAM: refactor pam_reply
by Pavel Reichl
5 years
[PATCH] sudo: use "higher value wins" when ordering rules
by Pavel Březina
5 years, 2 months
[PATCHES] [sssd-1.11] Fixes suitable for latest release
by Lukas Slebodnik
5 years, 3 months
[PATCH] Improve negcache with subdomains
by Jakub Hrozek
5 years, 4 months
[PATCH] util-tests: Initialize boolean variable to default value
by Lukas Slebodnik
5 years, 4 months
[PATCHES] cleanup task: Expire all memberof targets when removing user
by Michal Židek
5 years, 5 months
[PATCH] CI: Enforce coverage make check failures
by Nikolai Kondrashov
5 years, 6 months
[PATCH] LDAP: Inform about small range size
by Lukas Slebodnik
5 years, 7 months
[PATCH] SUDO: Support the IPA schema
by Michal Šrubař
5 years, 7 months
More upstream CI tests
by Jakub Hrozek
5 years, 7 months
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