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Re: [Ambassadors] CD / DVD stickers needed
by Vali Cobelea
4 years, 2 months
A friendly reminder, the regular biweekly APAC meeting is on Saturday, August 20th, 2011 at 04:00 UTC. :)‏
by David Ramsey
8 years
What FOSS collaborative tools are available to contributors, what is needed?
by Kévin Raymond
8 years
Re: [Ambassadors] [fedora-india] A classroom session on VIM
by Harish Pillay 9v1hp
8 years
Survey: Red Hat Certifications/Training for FAms (Just 2 or 3 minutes required)
by Uditha Bandara Wijerathna
8 years
talks for clt
by Sirko Kemter
8 years
Fedora at IDLELO 5
by Arthur Buliva
8 years
FAmSCo Report: November 2011
by Igor Pires Soares
8 years
Re: [Ambassadors] Survey: Red Hat Certification/Training for FAms (Just 2 or 3 minutes required)
by bhutto aamir
8 years
Re: [Ambassadors] EMEA ambassadors meeting 2011-12-28 minutes
by Christoph Wickert
8 years
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