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FBR: Enable keyhelper for pagure01
by Patrick マルタインアンドレアス Uiterwijk
1 year
Meeting agenda for 2018-10-11
by Kevin Fenzi
1 year
fedora-messaging v1.0
by Jeremy Cline
1 year
by Randy Barlow
1 year
[Fedocal] Reminder meeting : Infra Office Hours
1 year
Anitya 0.13.1 ( deployed on production
by Michal Konečný
1 year
Krita and Blender 2.8 packages .
by Cătălin George Feștilă
1 year
Infrastructure Meeting 2018-10-04 14:00 UTC proposed agenda
by Stephen John Smoogen
1 year
fedora-infrastructure#7267: "fedora-packager and statscache sunset" patch review.
by David Shier
1 year
epel7-infra and epel7 conflicts wrt pagure updates (or, can we have an epel7-infra DistTag?)
by Neal Gompa
1 year
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