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Macro %{optflags}
by Sergio Belkin
9 years, 9 months
Packaging-related changes in GNOME
by Matthias Clasen
9 years, 11 months
Help with rpath issue
by Jirka Hladky
9 years, 12 months
Packaging a postgresql cartridge
by Gianluca Sforna
10 years
private-shared-object-provides in python packages
by Parag Nemade
10 years, 1 month
invalid ANT_HOME
by Jiri Vanek
10 years, 1 month
Access via gmane
by Michel Alexandre Salim
10 years, 1 month
Explicit Requires
by Sergio Belkin
10 years, 1 month
How to configure a yum repo conf for installing from a local DVD?
by Philip Prindeville
10 years, 1 month
rpm and backward compatibility
by Ian Leonard
10 years, 1 month
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