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Updates to Eclipse Plugin packaging guidelines
by Andrew Overholt
11 years, 12 months
LGPLv2.1 vs. LGPLv2
by Chuck Anderson
12 years
Packaging Javadocs for subpackages
by Brennan Ashton
12 years
underscore in tryton modules
by Dan Horák
12 years
rubygem with extension written in C
by Mamoru Tasaka
12 years
New Fedora fonts packaging guidelines
by Nicolas Mailhot
12 years
f11 build error
by Gregory Hosler
12 years
Questions about dependencies in rpm packages
by Olivier Bourdon
12 years
BuildRequires: /lib/ + mock
by Jussi Lehtola
12 years
*.h files in a directory under %{_libdir}?
by Mary Ellen Foster
12 years
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