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[releng] Issue #8046: Rebase the rawhide binutils to version 2.32
by Nicholas Clifton
5 years
[releng] Issue #8025: Fedora 30 system-wide change: Golang 1.12
by Jakub Čajka
5 years
[releng] Issue #8073: Re-write scripts/branching/ with help of libmodulemd
by Andrei Stepanov
5 years
[releng] Issue #8023: [System-wide change] Fully remove deprecated and unsafe functions from libcrypt
by Björn Esser
5 years
[releng] Issue #8026: Packages are not retired entirely
by Vít Ondruch
5 years
[releng] Issue #8012: Self-contained change proposal: krb5 crypto modernization
by Robbie Harwood
5 years
[releng] Issue #7994: Inform module maintainers when their module/stream is going to EOL
by Mohan Boddu
5 years
[releng] Issue #7215: older drpms not synced
by Kevin Fenzi
5 years
[releng] Issue #7548: Fedora 29 Change: NSS load p11-kit modules by default
by Daiki Ueno
5 years
[releng] Issue #8120: unretire ladspa-swh-plugins
by Sérgio Monteiro Basto
5 years
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