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Announcing fmt library soversion bump
by Vitaly Zaitsev
11 months, 3 weeks
Proposal: drop delta rpms (for real this time)
by Matthew Miller
11 months, 3 weeks
PWG+OpenPrinting meetup 2023
by Zdenek Dohnal
11 months, 3 weeks
F36 Change: Default To Noto Fonts (System-Wide Change proposal)
by Ben Cotton
11 months, 4 weeks
Orphaned packages looking for new maintainers
by Miro Hrončok
12 months
ppc64le builds taking ages
by Iñaki Ucar
12 months
F39 Change Proposal: No fedora-repos-modular in default installation (System Wide Change)
by Aoife Moloney
1 year
by Robert-André Mauchin
1 year
Plan / proposal: enable openQA update testing and potentially gating on Rawhide updates
by Adam Williamson
1 year
Future of BIOS RAID support in the installer
by Vojtech Trefny
1 year
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