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orphan most of my packages
by Andy Shevchenko
9 years, 1 month
orphaning gdk-pixbuf
by Kevin Fenzi
9 years, 10 months
non-responsive icon theme maintainer
by Johannes Lips
10 years
bugzilla bugzappers?
by Bert Desmet
10 years, 1 month
OpenBUGS program has a pre-compiled )S library from MS Windows. Any possibility to package it?
by Paul Johnson
10 years, 1 month
Intent to package GNOME Shell frippery
by Hans de Goede
10 years, 2 months
Proposal: retire bittorrent
by Paul Howarth
10 years, 3 months
F15: ugly behavior of "df"
by Reindl Harald
10 years, 3 months
Trusted Boot in Fedora
by Matthew Garrett
10 years, 3 months
Deprecating portreserve
by Tim Waugh
10 years, 3 months
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