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# Simulation related Ideas

1. make every playable tile use a standard format file for their Simulation
Values. I would suggest either plain text or XML. This would allow users to
mod these values, as well as making it easier to produce newer versions.

2. odd shaped tiles:  your current play tiles all have the same basic shape
(i.e square). Now I am not suggesting that you make tiles in any old shape,
but perhaps a few rectangles would be nice. an example of this is
reslowhigh (ie - Trailer Park should be 4x8 not the current 4x4)

3. Connecting tiles: These tiles ideally should require them to be
connected to another tile to play... i.e Fields <=> Farms. In the same
respect some tiles just shouldn't have to be connected to Transport at all.

4. More Maps: User created maps a plus but not required.. possibly one with
a wide river through the general center with a few streams branching off at
a tangent, a Seaside, a valley, also Extra large Maps also do something
about the desert tile and 1x1 water they pop up way too much and just
interfere with game play

Graphics related  Ideas Tiles

5. add more tiles to the game in that respect I do have a few ideas for
tiles as follows.

Residential Trailer Parks
yes I know these are already there, but graveyards should be a separate
non-residential tile similar to the Rubbish tip and trailer parks should
take their current place with some new residential tile taking its place.
also make reslowlow actually usable by changing the residential birth/death
also give farms a birth/death rate for realism's sake

car lots

horse stables

buggy makers

auto factory's

generic business so the player can have an actual business district



strip malls

Church's.....Religion should absolutely be in the game, and make separate
tiles for each religion and make them selectable so that players can chose
which tile to place.. though preferably giving them equal stats the
graveyard should obviously connect to a religion tile.

Restaurants: fast food,diner's,and haute cuisine... I am sure you could add
some humor into this by using amusing names

Truck Stops
Ground based shipping (similar to the Port - how about PinEx sorta a linux
play on FedEx)

Military Base:
Weapons Factory: you already have missile's

Commune: please rename this one to something else its a little confusing as
commune in the U.S evokes the image of long haired hippies. no idea of a
better name though.

Fields: to connect to farms though there is no reason to make different
types of fields

Stockyards: farms must get animals from somewhere

Poultry Farms: same as regular farm just for chicken or other poultry

Orchards: well why not???

Quarry: you already have mines

Nuclear Power plant: why oh why don't you already have one.

Radio Tower
Television Tower: both good for entertainment in later games.

more sports: not just basketball and cricket, add Football, Soccer, Rugby,
and baseball to the mix


Walkers/Drivers : this would be nice to see, admittedly I wouldn't make the
walkers/drivers good for anything other then on pure looks. drivers should
be two types horses and buggies for simple roads and cars for paved roads

Sidewalks. again just for the look of it, though walkers should obviously
use them if they exist should extend transportation tiles so that they
don't effect game play if used. two types board and concrete for use with
the two different road types

Traffic lights: for intersections mostly just for looks

Power lines: allow these to cross roads and water

Power line bridges: for crossing water larger then one square

Billboards: to help with money issues also funny ad's such as one for
penguin cola

Town Hall

Police Stations: nowhere is that peaceful

Fountains:  no real use unless you count looks

Amusement park

Museum: might be fun to add a click in mini slide show of Tux as famous


Monuments: what no guy on a horse or tall pointy obelisk, though I wouldn't
get rid of the Tux monument

Maps: how about a few other terrain types like wetlands.

Some of these tiles should be useless other then for looks, possibly  on an
extras menu in GUI. some must connect to other tiles.

Also perhaps maybe the ability to chose different themes for your
cities...Greek,Roman,Egyptian or any middle eastern,Chinese,Japanese,
English,French,German, and American. I know buildings look different in
other parts of the world. though for the simplicity of it I wouldn't
personally suggest you do more then the basic theme. Let users make theme
mods all they want... in fact you could include some of the best ones in
later versions or as a packaged add-on
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