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Sendmail license
by Paul Howarth
15 years, 8 months
Legal Problem: md5 implementation
by Tom Callaway
15 years, 11 months
DJB's software components
by Tom Callaway
16 years
What should I put in License field in SPEC file.
by Ding-Yi Chen
16 years
Re: Bunch of new Fonts added to wishlist
by Nicolas Mailhot
16 years
Status of EULA Fedora 8
by Fabian Affolter
16 years
UniConvertor: is it possible to include to Fedora?
by Andy Shevchenko
16 years
Question about the ACE TAO license
by Sergio Pascual
16 years
Fwd: consider a b43-firmware package like this?
by John W. Linville
16 years
rdflib license
by David Malcolm
16 years, 1 month
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