[SSSD-users] Get error "Incorrect Password" when su to a ldap user with password prompt

XuQing Tan missedone at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 16:03:15 UTC 2014

Hi folks

i setup sssd 1.9.2 on centos 6 x64
i can get the user info via 'id <user>'
i can su to that user as root (no password prompt since i'm root)

[root at nick-ldap ~]# su - nick
-sh-4.1$ exit

but i can't su to this user as non-root (with password prompt but get
incorrect password error)
[root at nick-ldap ~]# su - demo
[demo at nick-ldap ~]$ su - nick
su: incorrect password
[demo at nick-ldap ~]$

do you have anyideas why i got this?

  Thanks & Best Regards!

                 (. .)
  |           Nick Tan           |
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