Scap for Centos

Mike Johnson mikerjohnson at
Thu May 22 22:05:22 UTC 2014

The VA has adopted the DISA STIG and CentOS has been approved for
development servers.  I think there are enclave requirements, nevertheless,
it can be used.


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> On 5/22/14, 3:43 PM, Derek Warner wrote:
> > Any chance anyone is working on getting SCAP to work on CENTOS? I
> > would love to use the scap security guide and secstate to validate
> > CENTOS 6.5. Right now its a manual process going line by line in the
> > RHEL 5 STIG. I would really love to find out if anyone has anything
> > automated that works on CENTOS.
> Given that CentOS isn't allowed on DoD networks, there is no STIG, no
> common criteria, no support, and doesn't meet any of the mandatory
> regulatory requirements, what's driving the need?
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