[RFC] SCAP security guide to become member of larger community - OpenSCAP ecosystem by changing it's name to OpenSCAP security guide?

Simon Lukasik isimluk at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 6 08:35:41 UTC 2014

On 05/01/2014 08:31 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:
>>> >To express my subjective opinion I like the idea of the project to be
>>> >renamed to "OpenSCAP Security Guide". But wanted to know wider opinions
>>> >from the community on the potential translation.
>> I think it's not necessary to rename the projects themselves. However I am all for promoting the OpenSCAP "umbrella" and cross linking the projects. Renaming the projects would be very costly and confusing for existing users. The benefits aren't worth it IMO.
>> In my opinion scap-security-guide should stay as is because openscap-security-guide implies a tool lock-in which is not the case.
> Jan, thank you for starting this conversation! I'm _*very*_ much in
> favor of a unified umbrella/naming.
> As sgrubb pointed out, OpenSCAP has classically been the interpreter. If
> we rename SSG to "OpenSCAP Security Guide," the name creates an
> impression the content would only work with OpenSCAP. For this reason,
> are you proposing we change the OpenSCAP interpreter as well? e.g.:
> OpenSCAP: A portfolio of open source SCAP utilities and content, which
> includes:
>          * OpenSCAP Workbench:    Used for tailoring content (formerally
> scap-workbench)
>          * OpenSCAP Interpreter:    A cross platform, open source SCAP
> interpreter)
>          * OpenSCAP Content:        An open source project delivering a
> large body of SCAP content. Used as upstream for such profiles as the
> STIG and C2S
>          * OpenSCAP Anaconda Plugin:     A project to integrate SCAP
> scanning into Linux provisioning
>          * OpenSCAP Spacewalk Plugin:    A project to integrate
> centralized SCAP scanning into the Spacewalk/Satellite system management
> software

I like this idea.

However, I am afraid we are not able to enforce openscap package rename 
everywhere to ensure consistent look. OpenSCAP library is spread across 
to many downstreams. That leads me to conclusion that perhaps we don't 
need to rename the downstream packages. Perhaps, we can just leverage 
this idea to better describe ecosystem to newcomers.

Simon Lukasik
Security Technologies

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