[RFC] SCAP security guide to become member of larger community - OpenSCAP ecosystem by changing it's name to OpenSCAP security guide?

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Mon May 5 18:37:01 UTC 2014


I like your explanation and naming of the components. OpenSCAP as the
umbrella project name makes sense.


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>  > From: "Jan Lieskovsky" <jlieskov at redhat.com> <jlieskov at redhat.com>> To: "SCAP Security Guide" <scap-security-guide at lists.fedorahosted.org> <scap-security-guide at lists.fedorahosted.org>> Cc: "Peter Vrabec" <pvrabec at redhat.com> <pvrabec at redhat.com>, "Simon Lukasik" <slukasik at redhat.com> <slukasik at redhat.com>, "Martin Preisler"> <mpreisle at redhat.com> <mpreisle at redhat.com>> Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 4:08:04 PM> Subject: [RFC] SCAP security guide to become member of larger community - OpenSCAP ecosystem by changing it's name to> OpenSCAP security guide?> > Hello folks,> >   in effort to increase discoverability of security compliance solutions,> Simon created github's entry for OpenSCAP ecosystem yesterday:>   [1] https://github.com/OpenSCAP> > collecting all the relevant tools / products, necessary to perform> security compliance checks in automated way. The intention of this> ecosystem is to have all the parts available at one place, so people> interested in automated SCAP scans wouldn't need to search for:> * the scanner,> * tailoring / remediation tool,> * the content itself> at three different locations.> > For now those repositories are just mirrors of their parental ones> (copies which will get updated on regular basis - Simon can clarify> how often).> > Together with this change, we have received proposal of icon / logo> for the SCAP security guide project. Though yet before you download> & inspect the attached tarballs, I need to mention, there are two> versions of the icons attached:> * one is for current "SCAP Security Guide" project name> (SCAP_logos_SCAP_security_guide.tar.gz),> * the second to see the proposal if the name of the project would change>   to "OpenSCAP Security Guide" (OpenSCAP_logos_SCAP_security_guide.tar.gz)> > Since there's effort to create OpenSCAP ecosystem, of which SCAP security> guide> project is its indisputable part, besides cloning the repository, the other> natural subsequent step, coming to mind is to have the project renamed> from SCAP security guide to OpenSCAP security guide.> > In our opinion, look at OpenSCAP ecosystem [1] might induce the potential> user's impression, the whole project being organized properly (all parts> being available at one place and all parts named by same prefix, differing> just by component's name).> > The pros / cons of the name change as I was able to collect are as follows:> > Pros:> * whole (security compliance) solution can be viewed / looked at like>   having organized & unified form (distinguished just by component's name />   colour of the icon),> > * all the necessary bits are reachable at one place (=> lowering the> potential>   user's "start barrier" in effort to get familiar with the concept)> > Cons:> * user's accustomed to old name might get confused. It might need to take>   some time till they get accustomed to start using new name,> > * the content being named "OpenSCAP Security Guide" (IOW with OpenSCAP brand)>   might induce the impression, it's not usable in other tools / scanners>   than just by OpenSCAP one. This could be overcome by us providing tutorial>   articles / images pinpointing the use of SCAP Security Guide content with>   tools (scanners) other than OpenSCAP to disperse the potential confusion>   (clearly state it's possible to use it in other scanners too).> > To express my subjective opinion I like the idea of the project to be> renamed to "OpenSCAP Security Guide". But wanted to know wider opinions> from the community on the potential translation.
>  I think it's not necessary to rename the projects themselves. However I am all for promoting the OpenSCAP "umbrella" and cross linking the projects. Renaming the projects would be very costly and confusing for existing users. The benefits aren't worth it IMO.
> In my opinion scap-security-guide should stay as is because openscap-security-guide implies a tool lock-in which is not the case.
> Jan, thank you for starting this conversation! I'm *very* much in favor
> of a unified umbrella/naming.
> As sgrubb pointed out, OpenSCAP has classically been the interpreter. If
> we rename SSG to "OpenSCAP Security Guide," the name creates an impression
> the content would only work with OpenSCAP. For this reason, are you
> proposing we change the OpenSCAP interpreter as well? e.g.:
> OpenSCAP: A portfolio of open source SCAP utilities and content, which
> includes:
>         * OpenSCAP Workbench:    Used for tailoring content (formerally
> scap-workbench)
>         * OpenSCAP Interpreter:    A cross platform, open source SCAP
> interpreter)
>         * OpenSCAP Content:        An open source project delivering a
> large body of SCAP content. Used as upstream for such profiles as the STIG
> and C2S
>         * OpenSCAP Anaconda Plugin:     A project to integrate SCAP
> scanning into Linux provisioning
>         * OpenSCAP Spacewalk Plugin:    A project to integrate centralized
> SCAP scanning into the Spacewalk/Satellite system management software
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