Removing bugzilla options login, assign etc (#67)

Alec Leamas leamas.alec at
Wed Jul 4 12:48:45 UTC 2012

I have looked into the f-r functions to assign, comment and loginĀ· From 
my perspective, they seem "odd" and not really focused on f-r's main 
task. Furtjhermore, they clog the CLI interface and are hard to test 
requiring some kind of bugzilla test account with unclear implications.

As stated in #67, the already existing dependency python-bugzilla have a 
bugzilla tool which can do all this (assign, comment etc) and much, much 
more. I find it reasonable to point users to this tool rather than 
keeping overlapping functionality in f-r.

Ergo: remove the function assign, login and comment from f-r. However, 
removing functionaltiy is not to be taken lightly. So: has anyone strong 
feelings about these functions, please speak up, either here or in the 
bug #67 :)

A feature branch 'rm-bugz' is in git repo for review.


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