Copr upgrade

Valentin Gologuzov vgologuz at
Mon Jan 5 14:31:57 UTC 2015

New year with a  new Copr release!

Visible changes:
- Now repository metadata generation can be disabled and executed upon 
request (BZ 1150954). This feature primary targets owners of big 
- Repeat build button respects selected chroots (BZ 1149091)
- Show copr-frontend version (BZ 1171798)
- Bug: Wrong OS distribution order on Monitor page (BZ 1146825)

Also new version of python client to the Copr API (python-copr) is 
available for Fedora19,20,21 and Epel6,7 (published to the updates 
repositories). If anybody interested please test it.

Best regards,
Gologuzov Valentin.

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