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Valentin Gologuzov vgologuz at
Fri Jan 2 09:51:06 UTC 2015

Hi Ray,

Right now Copr is mainly developed and provided as a service. 
Unfortunately we don't have a goal (and resources) to release 
stand-alone application/container etc.

By design, to deploy copr you need at least two hosts for frontend and 
backend, than you need an instance of OpenStack (or something similar) 
to provide virtual machines for builders. It is POSSIBLE to run 
everything on a single machine, but it's not practical (poor performance). is 
usually outdated, and doesn't describe everything (.

You could look at our Ansible playbooks, which is used to deploy Copr to 
the Fedora-infrastructure cloud:

p.s.: added copr-devel@ mail-list to cc:

On 01/01/2015 05:52 AM, Ray Dobie wrote:
> I had read the doc
> <> and find
>   it was so hard for a fish like me,lol.
> Is there a CentOS docker for it?
> On Thu Jan 01 2015 at 下午12:29:36 Ray Dobie <tvvocold at> wrote:
>> hi Gologuzov,
>> My name is Ray and i am a member of fedora-chinese-group, now i got action
>> to build a rpm repo server for fedora chinese user. and i checked ur
>> project Copr <> is cool,is
>> that a opensource project? could i use it? and how to install /set it up in
>> a vps(in China) ?
>> Thx!
>> Happy new year!
>> --
>> Ray

Best regards,
Gologuzov Valentin.

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