[master/rhel7-branch 1/2] Fix threading issues for dasdfmt in gui storage. (#1073982)

Samantha N. Bueno sbueno+anaconda at redhat.com
Fri Dec 12 20:43:54 UTC 2014

Prior code I committed manually issued a call to spoke.execute()
in the storage spoke once dasdfmt had been run (if doing a ks
installation). Turns out this is a Bad Idea. spoke.execute() is
called anyway from pyanaconda.ui.gui.hubs once it is detected that
a spoke has changed, so this is not necessary.

Resolves: rhbz#1073982
 pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/storage.py | 4 ----
 1 file changed, 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/storage.py b/pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/storage.py
index 874e3e3..a8c269e 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/storage.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/ui/gui/spokes/storage.py
@@ -717,10 +717,6 @@ class StorageSpoke(NormalSpoke, StorageChecker):
-        # I really hate doing this, but the way is the way; probably the most
-        # correct way to kajigger the storage spoke into becoming ready
-        self.execute()
     # signal handlers
     def on_summary_clicked(self, button):
         # show the selected disks dialog

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