[SSSD-users] Announcing DING-LIBS 0.4.0

Pavel Reichl preichl at redhat.com
Wed May 28 16:47:28 UTC 2014

The SSSD team is proud to announce the 0.4.0 release of ding-libs
utility library.

It can be downloaded from

== Highlights ==

=== libini_config ===
* Ability to convert input INI file from UTF 16/32 to UTF8 during parsing
* Support C style comments in INI file parsing
* Ability to read configuration data from a memory buffer
* Fixed processing of multi-valued strings
* Fixed parsing of line with multiple tokens

== Note for distribution packagers ==
* This release bumps the soname of subpackages (libcollection, libini_config)
* A new version script was added (for more detailed information please see #2193)

== Detailed Changelog ==
Dmitri Pal (20):
* Trim trailing spaces
* Adding missing argument to docs
* Fix for ini_get_string_config_array
* Do not check validity of comments
* Extend error set and add parsing error
* Process c-style comments
* Test files for unit test
* Unit test for c-style comments
* Expose buffer context as void
* Extend internal file handle
* Convert files to UTF
* Updated unit test for UTF8 conversion
* Fix typo in trace message
* Fix processing of the white space at the end of the line
* Unit test for space trimming in multiline values
* Adding more unit tests
* Refactor conversion function
* New entry to read data from mem
* Prevent tight loop
* Unit test for the new interface

Jakub Hrozek (2):
* libiniconfig_devel must require libref_array-devel and libbasicobjects-devel
* rpm: Include the right filename of libini_config

Jan Engelhardt (1):
* build: add missing Requires to pkgconfig file

Lukas Slebodnik (19):
* Fix warning format string is not a string literal.
* Fix linking of tests on debian
* DHASH: Remove dead code.
* AUTOTOOLS: fix warning: macro xyz not found in library
* DOC: Fix problems in documentation comments.
* SPEC: path-utils unit test requires libcheck
* INI: run also negative_test
* Collection: Fix typo in function declarations
* INI: Use static modifier for non public functions
* Use static modifier for unit test functions
* INI: Fix warning missing-prototypes for some functions.
* INI: Include missing header file with declarations
* REFARRAY: Move declaration of ref_array_debug to public header file
* DHASH: Use ifdef for testing DEBUG macro
* Enable extra compiler warning flags
* Add version symbol files
* AUTOMAKE: Do not treat warnings as errors
* Bump version-info
* Bump versions for 0.4.0 release

Ondrej Kos (8):
* COLLECTION: Fix comparision
* DHASH: Check before dereferencing
* PATH_UTILS: check against character representation of NULL
* INI: Remove dead code
* DHASH: Don't use backward jumps
* DHASH: minor fixes
* INI: Bump version-info
* DOXY: Don't generate timestamp

Peter Robinson (1):
* Fix build with automake 1.14

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