[SSSD-users] Login with Enterprise Principal Name with AD backend

Vinícius Ferrão ferrao at if.ufrj.br
Sun May 25 22:31:14 UTC 2014

Hello guys,

I’m running sssd version 1.11 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (1.11.5-1ubuntu3) to authenticate users from Active Directory from WIndows Server 2012 R2, and I’m trying to achieve logins with the User Principal Name for all users of the domain. But the UPN are always Enterprise Principal Names.

Let-me illustrate the problem with my user account:

Domain: local.example.com
sAMAccountName: ferrao
UPN: ferrao at example.com (there’s no local in the UPN)

I can successfully login with the sAMAccount atribute, which is fine, but I can’t login with ferrao at example.com which is my UPN. The optimum solution for me is to allow logins from sAMAccount and the UPN. If’s not possible, the UPN should be the right way instead of the sAMAccountName.

Another annoyance is the homedir pattern with those options in sssd.conf:
default_shell = /bin/bash
fallback_homedir = /home/%d/%u

What I would like to achieve is separated home directories from the EPN. For example:


But with this pattern I can’t map the way I would like to do.

I’ve looked through man pages and was unable to find any answers for this issues.

Thanks in advance,

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