[SSSD-users] Slow convergence between sssd and windows 2008 r2 ad server

Lukas Slebodnik lslebodn at redhat.com
Wed May 7 07:50:39 UTC 2014

On (07/05/14 09:29), Paul Liljenberg wrote:
>hm in the last working setup i used 1.11 branch with the ad provider. To be
>sure successful signon works it would be nice to have some reference config
>that we know works with that branch. (
>https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/Configuring_sssd_with_ad_server) Ive
>only seen this for the ad provider. Do we need samba-dev to build the
>adprovider for 1.9 branch aswell?

The 1.9 branch has ad provider, but there isn't strict dependency on samba-dev.
Of course, there are not all features from 1.11 branch.

I could not find in source code why samba is optional in 1.9 branch.
Someone else should explain this.


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