[SSSD-users] How to specify objectClass in search_base?

Lukas Slebodnik lslebodn at redhat.com
Wed Jun 25 11:13:49 UTC 2014

On (25/06/14 11:55), Sven Geggus wrote:
>Jakub Hrozek schrieb am Dienstag, den 24. Juni um 15:59 Uhr:
>> My guess is that the SSSD expects the group entries to have
>> objectclass=group.
>Hm, I already suspected something like this might be the case.
>When running sssd with debug option I get something like this:
>[sssd[nss]] [nss_cmd_getgrnam_search] (0x0040): No results for getgrnam call
>[sssd[nss]] [nss_cmd_getgrnam_search] (0x0040): Group [xxx] does not exist in [example.com]! (negative cache)
>[sssd[nss]] [nss_cmd_getgrnam_search] (0x0040): No matching domain found for [xxx], fail!
These lines mean that there was already request for group "xxx", but it was not
found in LDAP. For analysis, you will need to send log all files.

>Looks like I need to stick with nslcd for now :(

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