[SSSD-users] setting sss_authorized_keys?

Daniel Jung mimianddaniel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 14:11:00 UTC 2014

According to the doc,
In order to manage user keys, SSSD has a tool, sss_ssh_authorizedkeys,
which performs two operations:

   1. Retrieves the user's public key from the user entries in the Identity
   Management (IPA) domain.
   2. Stores the user key in a custom file, .ssh/sss_authorized_keys, in
   the standard authorized keys format.

So i can get the sss_ssh_authorizedkeys to spit out the publickey, and can
auth using it via sshd, however, I do not see .ssh/sss_authorized_keys
being created under users directory. I even tried creating the file and see
if it gets updated.
Don't see anything obvious in the ssh_config that would indicate adding
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