OpenSCAP Error: Conversion of the string "-" to an integer (64 bits) failed: Invalid argument [oval_cmp.c:113]

Shawn Wells shawn at
Thu May 29 04:46:15 UTC 2014

On 5/27/14, 5:32 PM, Jackson, George C III CTR DISA PEO-MA (US) wrote:
> Hi Shawn,
> Sure, I used the URL:
> Unfortunately, I cannot use git directly from the RHEL6 host I need this on to
> as we're a classified site and strict firewall/proxy rules
> won't allow me to. I can only use a browser on one unclassified Windows
> workstation (git not allowed) then transfer my downloads over manually:(
> Any other options for me to get the latest?

If using the EPEL repo isn't an option, perhaps you can download and 
one-way transfer the RPM. The EPEL package listing is available online:

And a direct URL to the latest SSG RPM:

If you need the *absolute* latest, since you're downloading the source, 
you can 'make content' and transfer the files in the output/ directory.

Still missing where that tarball is coming from, though. It shouldn't be 
generated anywhere in the source.

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