scap-workbench 0.8.8 in EPEL6

Shawn Wells shawn at
Thu May 29 04:06:58 UTC 2014

On 5/28/14, 10:29 AM, Martin Preisler wrote:
> Hi,
> there is a new build waiting to be tested in EPEL6.
> See
> To test this build:
> 1) Make sure you have EPEL6 repositories enabled
> 2) # yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing scap-workbench
> Karma would be greatly appreciated!

This is great - thanks for sending out to the list! Left karma a few 
days ago.

For those not familiar, prior to a package landing in the EPEL yum 
repositories, the build system seeks feedback to ensure the package 
built and installs correctly (this is called leaving Karma). Think of it 
as the final "ack" before something ships. Via Martin's link, community 
members can quickly test the RPM and provide signoff. If no signoff is 
left a tacit approval is assumed, and the build system will place the 
new package in EPEL after a week(ish).

If you're not familiar with SCAP Workbench, it provides graphical means 
to tailor content. For example, SSG ships the STIG profile with default 
refine values. If I'm at a site that doesn't like the default SSH 
timeout value, I can load SSG into SCAP Workbench and tailor the content 
-- through a GUI with no mucking into OVAL and XML files. Definitely 
check it out!

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