Running a scan for a single rule in opens cap?

Simon Lukasik isimluk at
Mon May 26 07:44:09 UTC 2014

On 05/25/2014 10:09 PM, Greg Elin wrote:
> Simon,
> Thank you for your help.
> Looking at scap-workbench now.
> Another quick question - is it possible to substitute xsl sheets for
> report generation, that is, can I create my own version of
> xccdf-report.xsl and use it instead to generate reports?
> Greg

Hello Greg,

If I remember correctly that is possible by a something like

  $ oscap xccdf generate custom --stylesheet my.xslt result-xccdf.xml

Feel free to use

  $ oscap xccdf generate custom --help

to learn about other options.

Best regards,

Simon Lukasik
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.

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