"notapplicable" in scap results?

Trey Henefield trey.henefield at ultra-ats.com
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You need a modified cpe-oval. Simply change redhat-release to centos-release.

See the attached example, as pulled from the RHEL5 STIG.

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Subject: "notapplicable" in scap results?

We ran a couple different RHEL profiles on CentOS 6.4 virtual machine and received "not applicable" for all results.

That's the first time I've seen nonapplicable and I'm trying understand what it means. (I know it means not applicable, but I want to make sure we don't have a configuration issue set incorrectly.)

Here's what we ran:

oscap xccdf eval --profile DOD_baseline_1.0.0.1 --cpe dcb-rhel5_cpe-dictionary.xml --results result.xml --oval-results dcb-rhel5_xccdf.xml

Sample below.

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Here is snippet of the results:

Title   Disable Samba if Possible

Rule    dcb-rhel5-3.18.1.a

Ident   CCE-4551-8

Result  notapplicable

Title   Require Client SMB Packet Signing, if using smbclient

Rule    dcb-rhel5-

Ident   CCE-14075-6

Result  notapplicable

Title   Require Client SMB Packet Signing, if using mount.cifs

Rule    dcb-rhel5-

Ident   CCE-15029-2

Result  notapplicable

Title   Disable Squid if Possible

Rule    dcb-rhel5-3.19.1.a

Ident   CCE-4556-7

Result  notapplicable

Title   Uninstall Squid if Possible

Rule    dcb-rhel5-3.19.1.b

Ident   CCE-4076-6

Result  notapplicable

Here is the command given in terminal that produced previous results:

oscap xccdf eval --profile DOD_baseline_1.0.0.1 --cpe dcb-rhel5_cpe-dictionary.xml --results result.xml --oval-results dcb-rhel5_xccdf.xml


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