Installing openscap on OS X?

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Thu May 22 16:04:31 UTC 2014

You could give a try to CIS-CAT

2014-05-22 19:45 GMT+04:00 Greg Elin <gregelin at>:
> Thanks for you notes, Steve.
> Here is the use case driving my question for OpenSCAP on OS X.  I'm not
> really trying to lock down the entire Mac, it's more that I am trying to
> just recognize the developer is on a Mac.  Suggestions appreciated!
> Use case background:
> I'm working on GovReady, a toolkit to make security assessments for FISMA
> purposes easier. My target audience or IT shops understaffed in security and
> always have a backlog. The idea is to create leverage openSCAP and SSG to
> create a more automated and user-friendly process to gain shared awareness
> of the certification-worthiness of a system.
> Use case:
> Bob is a FISMA-naive needs to be more aware of the security of the
> app/system they are building. Janice is a IT administrator who needs to
> check how secure an open source Bob's app is but doesn't have a lot of time.
> Bob and Janice go to and download the toolkit, installing it in
> the app in question. Kind of like adding jQuery. They just download GovReady
> and unzip it into a directory. Next they type a simple line command,
> `govready install` and everything gets installed. Then they type `govready
> assess` (or `govready scan`) and some  canned-tests (e.g. profiles) are run
> and beautiful reports generated. GovReady provides a kind of beginner
> wrapper around the underlying tools.
> If Bob and Janice are CentOS/RHEL (or using a Vagrant VM running Linux),
> this is pretty easy. But many FISMA-naive developers in DC these days are on
> OS X or even Windows.  So I'm trying to understand how I can create a simple
> install process that works cross-platform. The cross-platform install at
> BEST would install the appropriate open source scanning tool for the
> platform. If that is too hard right now, then at least the install process
> should fail gracefully and encourage the individual to use virtual machines.
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> On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Steve Grubb <sgrubb at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Wed, 21 May 2014 18:07:27 -0400
>> Greg Elin <gregelin at> wrote:
>> > Has anyone tried to install openSCAP on OS-X?
>> Openscap is portable to other platforms in that the gnu autotools is
>> the foundation of the build system. The libraries it uses are portable.
>> There is support for everything required of SCAP 1.2 except OCIL.
>> That said, there are some deficiencies. Openscap is designed to be
>> modular. To add a new test, you write an OVAL probe which is really
>> simple. You fill in a structure and exit. Each probe is essentially a
>> process spun-up on demand as the content is evaluated.
>> What is needed is someone that cares about a platform to contribute
>> probes. The openscap developers have done the bulk of the work. It
>> should be a couple hours/days of someone's time if they wanted to help
>> the SCAP community by sending some code for porting to other platforms.
>> We would welcome code enabling Windows, Android, OSX, or any other
>> platform.
>> -Steve
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