[PATCH 0/2] sshd idle timeout modifications

David Smith dsmith at secure-innovations.net
Thu May 22 12:58:10 UTC 2014

This patchset addresses concerns raised last week about the excessively short timeout window for SSH sessions in the CS2 profile:

1) adds two new values to the SSH idle timeout rule, 1 and 2 hours
2) specifies 1 hour timeout value in the CS2 profile

For some reason, a ton of unprintable/special characters appeared at the end of every line of the CS2 profile, so I nixed all of those -- thus the 700+ changed lines in the profile.

David Smith (2):
  additional sshd timeout values
  specified sshd timeout value

 RHEL/6/input/profiles/CS2.xml |  748 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 RHEL/6/input/services/ssh.xml |    2 +
 2 files changed, 376 insertions(+), 374 deletions(-)

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