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Thu May 22 11:37:21 UTC 2014

On 5/21/14 9:53 PM, Shawn Wells wrote:
> On 5/21/14, 7:54 AM, Greg Elin wrote:
>> Shawn,
> Many here can help, no need to address just to me :) Although, I do 
> tend to reply to EMails here much faster than my inbox....
>> Is there a publicly available Virtual Machine for SCAP & STIG 
>> Workshop available?
>> I was reading the workbook pdf online and would love to go through 
>> the training self-directed, if that is possible.
> We spun up EC2 VMs for the various workshops last year. Nothing 
> persistent.
> Not related to SSG directly, but corporately RHT has the Partner Demo 
> System which spins up on-demand instances of various RHT technologies. 
> Anyone who has signed up as a RHT partner gets access:
> There's also the RHEL developer subscriptions:
> And, sadly, I'll acknowledge it... there's always removing the CPE 
> checks from the content and using CentOS.
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Aren't Redhat and CentOS buddies now? I saw some press release from 
Redhat a few months back that mentions partnering with them. Maybe that 
means Scientific Linux is now the least cool of the group.

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