probe_file taking forever (UNCLASSIFIED)

Shaw, Ray V CTR USARMY ARL (US) at
Tue May 20 14:53:26 UTC 2014

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Using the version of OpenSCAP shipped with RHEL6, and the mostly-latest git
content (as of 12 May), checks involving probe_file seem to be taking a lot
longer.  Select output of ps faxw below, with the names changed to protect
the non-compliant:

19431 ?        S      0:00  \_ /usr/bin/oscap xccdf eval --profile
stig-rhel6-server-upstream --results hostname.example.com_scap_el6.xml
--report hostname.example.com_scap_el6.html --cpe
19445 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_system_info
19450 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_system_info
19455 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_family
19460 ?        Sl     0:01      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_rpmverifyfile
19647 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_system_info
19653 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_family
19658 ?        Sl     0:01      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_rpmverifyfile
20459 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_partition
20468 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_rpminfo
20476 ?        Sl     0:00      \_
20496 ?        Sl     1:44      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_rpmverifyfile
62754 ?        Sl     0:00      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_runlevel
62765 ?        Sl   9553:55      \_ /usr/libexec/openscap/probe_file

I started the scans on ~50 systems yesterday, and only half of them have
finished (seems to be the ones with very few files).  It sits on the first
of these checks for quite a while, then moves on to sitting on the second
one (see in the output, which I redirect to text files):

Title   Ensure No World-Writable Files Exist
Rule    world_writeable_files
Ident   CCE-26910-0
Result  fail

Title   Ensure All Files Are Owned by a User
Rule    no_files_unowned_by_user
Ident   CCE-27032-2

Scans used to complete a lot more quickly (as in, minutes), so I'm not sure
what happened.  I didn't catch any messages over the past few days about
this; sorry if I missed them, but I'm (naturally) mid-inspection, which is
what these are for...

It looks like the *17 release hasn't made it into EPEL yet, or I might try
that; there are enough improvements since the 0.1-16 release that I don't
want to go back that far.

Ray Shaw (Contractor, STG)
Army Research Laboratory
CIO, Unix Support

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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