Cross-referencing CCE's and Remediation scripts

Shawn Wells shawn at
Mon May 19 20:09:34 UTC 2014

On 5/19/14, 3:44 PM, Greg Elin wrote:
> I've put together a web page to show which RHEL 6 CCE's have a remediation script from Aqueduct and SSG.
> It is interesting that a number of rules are missing CCE Idents. It is also easier to see the coverage of fix scripts.
> Http://
> Would love feedback and thoughts in how to improve coverage.

This is very, very cool. Did you use some sort of XSLT for this, and if 
so, is it sharable? Shipping something like this seems valuable, with a 
link back to govready for a dynamic version.

It doesn't seem to be picking up a few CCEs:

aide_build_database - CCE 27135-3 (since 2013-10-30)
bios_disable_usb_boot - CCE 26923-3 (since 2013-10-30)

Is a refresh needed?
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