Problem with Setting faillock Account Lock Time (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Wed May 14 12:40:54 UTC 2014

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Oh, you've heard quite a bit from us :) (Adam and I are co-workers).  Aside 
from the patches I said I'd write (e.g. for 
accounts_max_concurrent_login_sessions also checking 
/etc/security/limits.d/*), which I really will have time to do one of these 

- The "world_writeable_files" check is flagging a ton of stuff in /proc

- The "no_shelllogin_for_systemaccounts" check doesn't allow /bin/false as one 
of the options.  This seems to be the default for most system accounts on our 
RHEL6 systems; I don't think that's something we're setting, but I could be 

dbus:x:81:81:System message bus:/:/bin/false
usbmuxd:x:113:113:usbmuxd user:/:/bin/false

It also seems to be flagging people with UIDs well over 1000, but GIDs of 100; 
do accounts like these fall into the category of "system accounts"?  I'm not 
sure where the logic for this is located.

Another oddity with this check is that --oval-results only ever gives me one 
entry, when it clearly would flag a bunch of stuff as failures.

Note that the above are using the version of OpenSCAP shipped with RHEL6.

That's mostly it; I do have one other thing (for which, amazingly, I have 
actually written a patch), but that's not exactly a false positive, so I'd 
rather start a new topic for it.

Ray Shaw (Contractor, STG)
Army Research Laboratory
CIO, Unix Support

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> > Another member of my organization has spoken with me and let me know
> > he resolved this independently; apparently, we had a configuration
> > error in another file, which caused this issue. Please disregard my
> > request and thank you for your help.
> Glad SSG is useful to you guys!
> It sounds like you're going through STIGing; would be most interested
> in false positive feedback.
> Shawn
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