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Hello Ray,

  thank you for checking with us.

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> I remember that there were issues with the SSG content and RHEL6 (due to SCC
> not supporting a sufficient version of...XCCDF?  SCAP?).  But previously, I
> could still use SCC with the SSG content; it would just generate a few more
> false positives than using OpenSCAP.  Admittedly, it has been a while since
> I tried.
> Now, when trying SCC 3.1.2, I can't make it run at all.  After importing the
> zip file (generated from git) and selecting the stig-rhel6-server-upstream
> profile, a scan finishes almost immediately with:
> 	The SCAP content stream <ssg-rhel6-> is not applicable to this
> platform per the CPE definitions
> I've tried on both RHEL6 Workstation and Server, and I've also tried
> stripping the <platform> information from the XML files.
> I'm attempting this for two reasons, as otherwise I'm perfectly happy
> scanning with OpenSCAP.  SCC has the ability to run a check on a single rule
> at a time, which is useful.  Also, I have an inspection soon, and they may
> want me to use it.

Does SCC have a possibility to check just one OVAL definition? If so, could
you try to run the SCC alternative to the following OpenSCAP command and let
us know it's output:?

# oscap oval eval --id oval:ssg:def:100 ssg-rhel6-oval.xml 

The oval:ssg:def:100 definition checks if the installed version of the OS is
RHEL-6 (above evaluation returns true with OpenSCAP on RHEL-6).

So wondering if the not applicable problem can't come from different evaluation
of this rule. Also, have you tried to explicitly provide RHEL-6 CPE file
(ssg-rhel6-cpe-dictionary.xml) to SCC? Still the same output?

Thank you && Regards, Jan.
Jan iankko Lieskovsky / Red Hat Security Technologies Team

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