[Open-scap] attempt fix broken file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml

Simon Lukasik slukasik at redhat.com
Tue May 6 08:28:01 UTC 2014

On 05/06/2014 05:53 AM, Shawn Wells wrote:
> In short, I'm actually getting an OpenSCAP error from your code (which
> takes ~8-10min to occur on a 2GB, 2x1.7GHz VM across a 2.5GB filesystem!):
>> $ ./testcheck.py file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml
>> Evaluating with OVAL tempfile :
>> /tmp/file_permissions_ungroupownedJB4bvk.xml
>> Writing results to : /tmp/file_permissions_ungroupownedJB4bvk.xml-results
>> OpenSCAP Error: Unable to close probe sd [oval_probe_ext.c:565]
> (1) If I run the existing OVAL, it fails within a few seconds.
> (2) If I then run your patch, it errors after 8-10min as shown above.
> (3) If I then re-run the existing OVAL, I get the same OpenSCAP error.
> (4) If I then reboot, I can re-run the existing OVAL, but still get the
> OpenSCAP error on your code.
> Looping in our allies within the OpenSCAP community. Peter/Martin/Simon,
> any idea what could cause the OpenSCAP error?

That is when OpenSCAP library fails to close SEAP handler to the 
collecting OVAL probe. In the past I have seen omkiller kicking probes 
when evaluating poorly written content.

Simon Lukasik
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.

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