attempt fix broken file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml

Shawn Wells shawn at
Tue May 6 03:53:24 UTC 2014

On 5/1/14, 8:33 AM, Rodney L. Mercer wrote:
> I am attempting to modify the completely broken
> file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml with essentially the same logic that I
> had used to fix the previously completely broken
> no_files_unowned_by_user.xml
> It seemed to me that it would be a simple task, and for the most part, I
> believe that it is.
> There is just one issue that I cannot seem to overcome, and hopefully
> one of you can help identify the problem.
> The attached code works to find files that have gids that are not found
> in /etc/group. The problem is that if the gid is 12 which maps to mail,
> it flags it as a fail? The only valid gid that I can find that fails is
> gid 12? So, any mail file in /var/spool/mail and the symlink /var/mail
> shows up as a failure?
> chgrp these files to another valid group and no failures occur.
> Any help debugging this is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rodney.

Dave Smith and I were instant messaging this morning about the backup of 
EMails. While I didn't acknowledge this on-list, I've been tinkering on 
the patch and having crazy results...

In short, I'm actually getting an OpenSCAP error from your code (which 
takes ~8-10min to occur on a 2GB, 2x1.7GHz VM across a 2.5GB filesystem!):
> $ ./ file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml
> Evaluating with OVAL tempfile : 
> /tmp/file_permissions_ungroupownedJB4bvk.xml
> Writing results to : /tmp/file_permissions_ungroupownedJB4bvk.xml-results
> OpenSCAP Error: Unable to close probe sd [oval_probe_ext.c:565]

(1) If I run the existing OVAL, it fails within a few seconds.
(2) If I then run your patch, it errors after 8-10min as shown above.
(3) If I then re-run the existing OVAL, I get the same OpenSCAP error.
(4) If I then reboot, I can re-run the existing OVAL, but still get the 
OpenSCAP error on your code.

Looping in our allies within the OpenSCAP community. Peter/Martin/Simon, 
any idea what could cause the OpenSCAP error?

Also copying your patch in-line for those following along at home:
> <def-group>
>   <definition class="compliance" id="file_permissions_ungroupowned" 
> version="1">
>     <metadata>
>       <title>Find files unowned by a group</title>
>       <affected family="unix">
>         <platform>Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6</platform>
>       </affected>
>       <description>All files should be owned by a group</description>
>       <reference source="rmercer" ref_id="20140430" 
> ref_url="test_attestation" />
>     </metadata>
>     <criteria>
>       <criterion comment="Check all files and make sure they are owned 
> by a group" test_ref="test_file_permissions_ungroupowned" />
>     </criteria>
>   </definition>
>   <unix:file_state id="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list_match" 
> version="1">
>     <unix:group_id var_check="only one" 
> var_ref="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list" datatype="int" />
>   </unix:file_state>
>   <local_variable id="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list" 
> comment="List of valid group ids" datatype="int" version="1">
>     <object_component item_field="subexpression" 
> object_ref="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list_object" />
>   </local_variable>
>   <ind:textfilecontent54_object 
> id="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list_object" version="1">
>     <ind:filepath>/etc/group</ind:filepath>
>     <ind:pattern operation="pattern 
> match">^[^:]+:[^:]+:([\d]+):*$</ind:pattern>
>     <ind:instance operation="greater than or equal" 
> datatype="int">1</ind:instance>
>   </ind:textfilecontent54_object>
>   <unix:file_object comment="all local files" 
> id="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_object" version="1">
>     <unix:behaviors recurse="symlinks and directories" 
> recurse_direction="down" recurse_file_system="local" />
>     <unix:path>/</unix:path>
>     <unix:filename operation="pattern match">.*</unix:filename>
>     <filter 
> action="exclude">file_permissions_unowned_groupid_list_match</filter>
>   </unix:file_object>
>   <unix:file_test 
> xmlns:unix=""
>   check="all" check_existence="none_exist" comment="Check for files 
> with no group owner on all files on the system"
>   id="test_file_permissions_ungroupowned" version="1">
>     <unix:object object_ref="file_permissions_unowned_groupid_object" />
>   </unix:file_test>
> </def-group>

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