[PATCH] [RHEL/6] Change naming scheme (0.1-16 => 0.1.16)

Jan Lieskovsky jlieskov at redhat.com
Mon May 5 11:04:24 UTC 2014

Patch summary:

This change is similar / the same for RHEL like the one:
for Fedora was, i.e.:

* allow flexible versioning scheme (make multiple rc's prior
  new stable release),

* but on the other hand make Release: tag / flag to contain
  only fixed number (as required by Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  build system), so Release: can be easily incremented in
  case RHEL- specific package rebuild without the corresponding
  upstream change would be necessary.

Testing report:

Tested all combinations of:
  * upper level: make / make srpm (with or without remote tarball fetch) 
                 / make rpm / make fedora-srpm / make fedora-rpm

    The change returns PASS in all cases (IOW no regression).

  * RHEL/{6,7}, Fedora: make / make validate

    The change returns PASS in all cases (IOW no regression).

Please review the change (it's necessary / required me to be able to build native
RHEL-6 channels RPM package).

Thank you && Regards, Jan.
Jan iankko Lieskovsky / Red Hat Security Technologies Team
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