attempt fix broken file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml

Rodney L. Mercer rmercer at
Thu May 1 12:33:07 UTC 2014

I am attempting to modify the completely broken
file_permissions_ungroupowned.xml with essentially the same logic that I
had used to fix the previously completely broken

It seemed to me that it would be a simple task, and for the most part, I
believe that it is.

There is just one issue that I cannot seem to overcome, and hopefully
one of you can help identify the problem.

The attached code works to find files that have gids that are not found
in /etc/group. The problem is that if the gid is 12 which maps to mail,
it flags it as a fail? The only valid gid that I can find that fails is
gid 12? So, any mail file in /var/spool/mail and the symlink /var/mail
shows up as a failure? 

chgrp these files to another valid group and no failures occur.

Any help debugging this is appreciated.


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