scap-security-guide v0.1-11 released

Shawn Wells shawn at
Thu May 2 04:32:18 UTC 2013


     The first SSG commit was in June 2011, and since that time the SSG 
community has grown to 24 contributors, 1,815 commits, and represents 
170,537 lines of source. Content has expanded from strictly RHEL6 to 
include JBoss EAP5. There's an active community of users, ranging from 
the US Military, Intelligence Community, and commercial financial 
services companies. Amazing!

     v0.1-11 has been released to the EPEL repository [1]. This release 
represents 264 tickets/bug fixes/commits since v0.1-10, largely reflecting:
             * Dramatic focus on OVAL improvement
                 Lowering the amount of false positives, and adding 
net-new OVAL rules for comprehensive scanning

             * DISA FSO's Draft RHEL6 STIG Feedback
                 v0.1-11 reflects inclusion of feedback received during 
DISA FSO's Draft RHEL6 public comment period

     Feedback should be sent to the SSG users & developers mailing list 

-The SSG Community


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