using ${} notation in ant recipe

John Mazzitelli mazz at
Tue Jun 29 13:31:32 UTC 2010

shashin from #rhq has this question - I haven't tried this, but this 
should work. If it doesn't, we should try to fix it so it does work. 
This would be an important feature:

In deploy.xml ant recipe, define this:

<rhq:input-property name="profile.template"
    description="Name of JBoss EAP template used to create Profile"

Now, inside of the <rhq:deployment-unit> task, define an rhq:file 
definition, and use that input property in the value of the name 
attribute, like this:

<rhq:deployment-unit ...>
    <rhq:file name="eap-template-${profile.template}" />

Our ant handler should replace all ${} variables with their property 
values (whether they were defined with rhq:input-property or just the 
normal Ant <property>.

Its been reporting that this doesn't work. Can someone confirm that this 
is broken? If so, we need to write up a bugzilla and hopefully fix this.

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